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“Full Inclusion”

After being referred to OPTIONS through Department of Rehabilitation, job development is one of the many services offered.                                                                                                                                         An individualized plan of support is created based on each person's wants and needs. Some of these supports may include:

  • Practicing interviewing techniques including mock interviews/video recording
  • Networking with local employers based on job interests
  • Reviewing work behaviors and social skills (relating to co-workers/supervisors)
  • Reviewing work practices (being on time, reporting illness, proper use and treatment of company equipment)
  • Discussing grooming, hygiene, work attire and uniforms (if applicable)
  • Advising about impact of earnings on benefits (TTW, TANF, CalWorks and Social Security)
  • Identifying other Support Services required (childcare, transportation)
  • Developing a resume and master application

Once you are hired for a job, a job coach may be available to go with you to your job site to provide extra supports.

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