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“Full Inclusion”

Hearst Castle

OPTIONS provides group supported employment by contracting work with Hearst Castle. There are two crews that work, one at the Visitor Center and one at the San Simeon Campground.

Job coaching support is provided, and the pay is based on productivity. Anyone interested in working at this site must be a client of Tri-Counties Regional Center.

At the Visitor Center, the jobs assigned include:

· Cleaning and Refilling the Restrooms

· Sweeping and Mopping

· Cleaning off  Tables

· Emptying Trash Bins

· Washing Windows 

At the San Simeon Campground, the jobs assigned include:

· Cleaning and Refilling the Restrooms

· Cleaning Showers

· Emptying Trash Bins

· Keeping Fire Rings Free of Trash

 A uniform of black pants and slip resistant shoes is required and one grey OPTIONS polo shirt is provided upon hire. Other polo shirts are available for purchase.

OPTIONS currently provides transportation to and from Hearst Castle for those living in North County and the San Luis Obispo/Morro Bay areas.

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