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“Full Inclusion”

Situational Assessment

Situational Assessment (SA) is a specialized service provided to persons referred by Department of Rehabilitation. The service is generally provided on a 1:1 basis and is focused on the needs of the individual. Several work and volunteer sites are chosen based on the individual’s interests and site availability, and a work trial is provided, usually up to 40 hours. A job coach assesses work abilities and the assessment provides direction for further training or job development. The following areas may be a part of the assessment process: 

  • Simulated work trials
  • Opportunity to experience actual job duties and activities with wages paid per Department of Labor guidelines
  • Job exploration / observation 
  • Job shadowing
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Support system interview
  • Review of work history and transferable skills
  • Review of transportation / mobility needs
  • Review of technology needs
  • Actual / simulated Work Observation
  • Behavioral observation
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