est. 1984
“Full Inclusion”

Work Adjustment

Work Adjustment (WA) is a specialized service provided to persons referred by Department of Rehabilitation. The service is generally provided ona 1:1 basis and is focused on the needs of the individual. It is a transitional, time-limited, systematic service that uses real work or approved volunteer sites, to train people in the meaning, value, and demands of a job, to learn or reestablish skills, attitudes, personal characteristics, work tolerance, and behaviors appropriate and necessary for work.  Job sites are temporary, and not intended to become a permanent placement.  WA services focus on the elimination of barriers to employment and are accomplished in one to four (1-4) months.  WA services, however, are most often provided in a work site that generally constitutes an employer / employee relationship and requires payment of wages.  Work Adjustment is not used as training for a specific occupation.  It is similar to Situational Assessment; however, it is for a longer period of time and only at one site.

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