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OPTIONS Family of Services help individuals with Developmental Disabilities find meaningful employment suited to  their individual interests and talent.  Entrance criteria for this program are established by the State of California Department of Rehabilitation and referrals are accepted from Department of Rehabilitation Counselors. OPTIONS Family of Services specializes in placing Disabled Individuals in positions of employment that have the highest potential for long term success.  This is accomplished through a careful Employer Selection Process and meticulous matching of employer needs to the skills and interests of each worker. External Situational Assessment Services provide the opportunity to try out a series of jobs over a short period of time. Job Sites are selected based upon the interest of the individual and the Department of Rehabilitation. Together this process and the report generated determines the appropriate course for the individual to follow.

Vocational Services provide the opportunity to improve employment skills by working in a small crew with a full time supervisor.  Many advance to employment opportunities within the community. Job Coaches provide one-on-one site job training to develop new employment skills. Once through the initial training period, a Job Coach provides continued support, utilizing a “fade-out” approach as the individual becomes familiar with the expectations of the position.

The Following are Services provided within OPTIONS Vocational Department

Group Supported Employement                                       SA - Situational Assessments Services

PVSA - Personal,  Vocational , Social Adjustments                     Job Devlopment

IP - Individual Placements Services                                              Work Adjustment Services


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