Est. 1984
Full Inclusion
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1201 Palm Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
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What is CIS?
Community Integration Services (CIS) is a day program offering a unique curriculum of  classroom and community-based instruction in the Adaptive Living Skills. Job training and exposure to new activities helps participants develop increased self-esteem and a sense of community inclusion. Adaptive Living Skills training allows participants to make real choices about their jobs and leisure activities. Socialization skills are developed as participants engage in group activities and make new friends. Many CIS participants eventually obtain and keep meaningful jobs, benefiting not only the participants, but also employers and the community at large. OPTIONS CIS hours are 9AM-3PM, Monday through Friday. This service is funded through the Regional Center. 

Who does CIS serve?
CIS serves individuals with developmental disabilities or other neurological impairments who strive for increased independence through community participation and rewarding employment.

Skills Training
CIS introduces participants to community activities that promote self-reliance and self-esteem. Trained staff assist participants in learning life skills such as the use of public transportation resources; money management and comparative shopping; and use of community resources including restaurants, libraries, post offices, and health facilities.

Behavioral Intervention
Behavioral Intervention is an integral component of CIS. An individualized behavior plan is developed in partnership with each CIS participant and implemented by CIS staff during daily activities. Behavior plans target behavioral excesses and set goals and methods for their reduction or elimination.

Pre-employment Training
CIS staff provides individualized skills instruction and support to foster success in a supported work environment. Pre-employment training includes job search and development methods, resume development, interview techniques, employee relations, job performance skills, and job safety.

Work Crews
CIS participants have the opportunity to earn up to full minimum wage working on OPTIONS work crews throughout San Luis Obispo County, performing tasks such as landscaping and shredding. New work crew sites are continually being added to offer a variety of choices to the CIS participant. CIS provides continuous support to both employers and employees. Once an employee is thoroughly trained in his or her job duties, a work crew supervisor continues to provide on-the-job support as long as it is needed, ensuring consistent work productivity as the employee develops new skills.

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