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Full Inclusion
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OPTIONS for Independence


OPTIONS Supported Living Services encourage maximum independence for individuals who are able to live in their own homes or apartments, yet need some assistance with daily living skills.


OPTIONS offers an array of services designed to increase self-sufficiency and promote full inclusion in the community. The type and amount of support required are individually determined for each person receiving services. Some people may need services for only a few hours each month, while others may require daily training and assistance. This service is funded through the Regional Center. 


An experienced Supported Living staff provides in-home support services including, but not limited to: instruction in money management, comparative shopping, meal planning and preparation, home and community safety, use of community resources, and social interaction. OPTIONS Supported Living Services are accredited by CARF…The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission.


In both Supported and Independent Living, the person receiving services actively participates in the selection of services and is encouraged to strive for independence at an individual pace.
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