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Bridging the Gap

  • OPTIONS Transitional Living Services are the ideal choice for individuals who have satisfactory self-care skills yet still require behavioral support and adaptive living skills training in a semi-independent living setting.
  • OPTIONS Transitional Living Services are provided at a four-unit apartment building just blocks from the ocean in picturesque Morro Bay. The building is located in a quiet neighborhood comprised primarily of single-family homes. Each person receiving Transitional Living Services shares an apartment with one or two housemates and each individual has their own room. Individuals work together to decorate their apartments and can decorate their rooms to reflect personal interests and styles.The apartment complex can accommodate up to eight people. This services is funded through the Regional Center and low income rent is paid by each person served, subsidized by United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • Transitional Living Services include independent living skills instruction, community activities and behavioral services. An Individual Service Plan is created with the full participation of each person receiving services and stress individual achievement in the development of acceptable social behaviors and adaptive living skills. Transitional Living Services staff provide individual support whenever possible, and 24-hour on-site supervision is available at all times. 
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